Look on the bright side

Stand still and enjoy

We are going through a unique experience. In the coming months we will see whether all measures which were taken will turn out for the best. We are all homebound, by yourself or with family. In this situation the song “always look on the bright side of life” from the movie Life of Brian, keeps us going.

It is springtime and outside the sun is doing its best. Trees are blooming, birds are singing and occasionally a butterfly passes by. It looks like a normal day in spring, however we all know that we are living in our isolation bubbles. Sitting at our kitchen table at home, it feels like playing a part in a surrealistic movie. A movie wherein we all play our parts, but do not know how it is going end. In the script we are instructed to make the best out of the situation.

So what could that best be? Living in our bubbles, our mental and physical health is key. There are so many initiatives, for example: exercising online, yoga, meditation and online coaching. Online services are becoming the new normal. And what about “cocooning”. This could generate a positive impact on our mental state.

“Why not combine the useful with the pleasant.” 

Cocooning is something we normally do out of free will, but why not combine the useful with the pleasant. Cocooning meaning “making yourself as comfortable as possible at home”. What about cooking your favorite food, wearing comfortable clothes, binge watching, reading a book, being lazy or whatever makes you happy. Going to the super market is an activity we need to plan these days, so why not give it some thought on what to put on the grocery list! This could be the perfect moment to entice yourself towards more sustainable lifestyle! Is it difficult? Not at all! With some tips this will be easy peasy and even fun to do. Just start with changing a couple of things on your grocery list with organic alternatives or buy local.

At the moment the larger part shops online. With time on our hands, it would be worthwhile to search for sustainable clothing to put in your virtual basket. Consider buying organic cotton items or those made from natural materials, like tencell/lyocell: a natural product with great qualities. This fabric regulates your temperature so you can wear it during most seasons. It ventilates well, so no need to wash it that often!

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‘Spring cleaning, get rid of things and sell them on a marketplace

Would it not be great to give the items you selected and bought with care a second chance and sell them. There are so many marketplaces that offer easy tools to sell your things online and make a few bucks! Not a bad idea, because these bucks could be spent on new sustainable products or to help others in need. So it might be a good time to clean up and create some air in your full wardrobe!

Just a few weeks ago we were all busy in our own rat race. Running from one place to another, packed agenda’s and ample time to reconsider our lifestyle. Now we are forced to shift down a gear and gives us time to consider living a more sustainable lifestyle. Is it lame? Not at all! It can be satisfying, knowing that you are looking good and eating your favorite dish, while making your contribution to the environment or better working conditions. It has moved from a place behind the scene to the spotlight.

“the sweet green life is a step by step proces”

So why not turn your “bubble” into “Happy Place” with your loved ones. It would be worthwhile to use the extra time to tick a couple of boxes. Make some changes you had in mind, but could not find time to put into action. Living the sweet green life is a step by step proces and please do not forget to enjoy the ride. It should be as easy and fun as possible, so it perfectly blends in into your lifestyle. Pick your own pace and yes please try this at home!

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