Why everybody loves veja

from royalties and celebrities to ‘everyday people’

Meghan Markle, Emma Watson and Eddie Redmayne – just to name a few. They were all spotted with Veja’s on their feet. When celebrities are adding your sustainable sneaker to their million dollar wardrobe, it’s safe to say that you rocked the journey from niche to mainstream. 

Stand in a room with thirty people, and a great chance they are wearing the same sneakers as the leading female character from Harry Potter. Veja practice what they preach when they say they create “timeless sneaker that people can wear everyday”. And by “people”, you can also take the newest gorgeous member of the British royal family into account. The always high-heeled Meghan Markle was spotted in white Veja V-10 sneakers. 

But that’s not the only remarkable story behind the comfortable stylish sneakers that match every outfit. Veja has found a way to combine ethics with aesthetics. The brand is made from sustainable materials: wild rubber from the Amazon, directly bought from Amazonian rubber tappers, B-Mesh, made from recycled bottles, organic cotton and vegetable tanned leather. Stylish, timeless and meaningful – it might just be the reason why everybody loves Veja. 

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