Hello, we are SIDDLIFESTYLE your sustainable guide!

SIDDLIFESTYLE is about us and also about you! Just like you the team behind SIDDLIFESTYLE is looking for possibilities to live a more sustainable life.

We at are doing our utmost best to curate all the fun and glamorous sustainable brands for you, making it easier for you to access these products. In this curating process cooperation with likeminded organizations is essential.

The curation of brands happens via checking the certificates which the brands hold, such as GOTS and OEKO-TEX or Fair Trade Certified. This is a good start! However we built an extra check. SIDD has established a cooperation with GOOD ON YOU, the world’s leading source for fashion brand ratings, that executes independent audits on fashion brands. We only select brands that are rated at least 4 out of 5 smiley’s, which GOOD ON YOU grants to the brands which are audited by it.

SIDDLIFESTYLE cooperates with Eerlijk Winkelen (“Honest Shopping”) as well. Eerlijk Winkelen is a foundation that has a Dutch based network of more than thousands sustainable shops in the Netherlands.

Additionally we are also providing you with information, inspirational articles and look books to give you more insight in the latest fashion trends, tips, cool places and all you need to know to live a happy and green life.

It should be fun and easy!

It is the daily mission of our team of SIDDSTARS to find the jewels in the world, brands which design beautiful, fun, glamorous, sustainable products and to give you insight in the latest fashion trends, sustainable facts and above all to inspire you to join us.

Become a SIDDSTAR . Share your stories, experiences and help us with your feedback, tips on beautiful brands and your stories to make SIDD THE worldwide sustainable lifestyle platform. You can contact us on info@siddlifestyle.com and social media channels. 

Can we count on you?!


SIDDLIFESTYLE was founded by Saja Chander, who believes that living the good conscious life is easier than we think. It starts with one sustainable purchase, which evolves into a habitual pattern. If she can do it, then everyone can. Every purchase counts and makes a difference. SIDDLIFESTYLE is all about ease and fun while living the good green life.

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